National Center for Ethics in Health Care

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Ellen Fox, MD: Executive Director (Washington, DC)
(Vacant): Deputy Director (Washington, DC)
Raymond S. Frazier, MA: Executive Assistant (Washington, DC)


RaMona Barrow: Program Support Assistant (Washington, DC)
Nickole Logan: Staff Assistant (Washington, DC)
Steven Spickler, MBA, RTT: Administrative Officer (Washington, DC)

Ethics Consultation

Kenneth A. Berkowitz, MD, FCCP: Chief, Ethics Consultation (New York, NY)
David Alfandre, MSPH, MD: IR Manager, Ethics Consultation (New York, NY)
Barbara L. Chanko, RN, MBA: Staff, Ethics Consultation (New York, NY)
(Vacant): Medical Ethicist

Ethics Evaluation

Robert A. Pearlman, MD, MPH: Chief, Ethics Evaluation (Seattle, WA)
Jennifer Cohen, PhD, MPH: Ethics Evaluation Manager (Seattle, WA)
Mary Beth Foglia, RN, PhD, MA: Health Care Ethicist (Seattle, WA)
Lynn Gessner: Administrative Specialist (Seattle, WA)
(Vacant): Ethics Evaluation Specialist


Melissa M. Bottrell, MPH, PhD: Chief, IntegratedEthics (Berkeley, CA) 
Robin Cook, RN, MBA: Preventive Ethics Advisor (Seattle, WA) 
James McAllister: Program Specialist (New York, NY) 
Marilyn Mitchell, RN, BSN, MAS, IntegratedEthics Manager for Ethics Consultation (New York, NY)
Basil Rowland, MSW, LCSW: IntegratedEthics Manager, Field Operations (Hampton, VA)


Virginia Ashby Sharpe, PhD: Chief, Ethics Policy (Washington, DC) 
Paul Tompkins: Program Analyst (Tampa, FL)
(Vacant): Ethics Policy Specialist (Washington, DC)
(Vacant): Ethics Policy Consultant (Washington, DC)

Special Projects

Jill Lowery, PsyD: Chief, Special Projects (Durham, NC)  
Beth Doyle, MBA: Education Specialist (Seattle, WA)
Jamie Philpotts, MA: Technical Editor/Writer (Washington, DC)
Steve Tokar, MA: Writer/Editor (Washington, DC)

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