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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ethics?

NCEHC defines ethics as the discipline that considers what is right or what should be done in the face of uncertainty or conflict about values. Ethics involves making reflective judgments about the optimal decision or action among ethically justifiable options.

Where is NCEHC located?

NCEHC’s main office is located at VA Central Office in Washington, DC, with satellite offices in Seattle, WA, and New York, NY.

What services does NCEHC offer?


Does NCEHC handle allegations of unethical practice?

No. NCEHC does not deal with matters of fraud, abuse, negligence, medical malpractice, or other questions about compliance with specific regulations. Such matters are handled by:

Can I request an ethics consultation from NCEHC?

NCEHC provides consultation on questions of health care ethics to VHA leaders and facility-based ethics program staff. Veterans, families, VA staff, and involved parties at field facilities should seek consultation from their local VA medical center. Every VA medical center has an ethics consultation service. Your facility’s administration can tell you how to contact your local program.


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